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Burundi Gakenke

Burundi Gakenke

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We Taste - Toffee, cranberry, juicy

Though not as famous as its East Africa neighbors, Burundi produces incredibly clean, juicy coffees. Grown of a single variety called Red Bourbon, high elevations and meticulous processing, yield bright berry and sweet floral flavors. Smallholder farmers bring their garden-ripe pick to the Gakenke Washing Station, which pulps, water ferments, washes, sorts, and dries the coffee to a high-quality standard. Light-medium roasting gives focus to the juiciness inherent in this fully washed micro-lot, perfect for pour-over, cold brew, and longer espresso pulls.

Roast: Light-Medium
Process: Washed - Pulped, Water Fermented 10-12 hours, 2 hr. Wash, 2-3 week Dry
Variety: Red Bourbon
Elevation:  1650-1950 masl
Location: Gatara Commune, Kayanza Province, Burundi
Producers: Gakenke Washing Station
Farm: Multiple smallholders (2,685+ farmers)
Grades / Certifications: FW Screen 15+
Harvest: March - July 2022

Brew Guides
Espresso: 1:2.2 in 25-28 sec.
Filter: 1:16.3

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