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Colombia Arnulfo Osorio Ortiz - Ethiopia Landrace - Wholesale

Colombia Arnulfo Osorio Ortiz - Ethiopia Landrace - Wholesale

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We Taste - Apricot pastry, gummy bear, pear juice

Many of our favorite coffees hail from Ethiopia, so it's no wonder that we tend to love Ethiopia landrace varieties grown outside of the birthplace of coffee (e.g. Gesha). Long thought to be a mutation of the Bourbon family, new research suggests that so-called Pink Bourbon is instead from the motherland. Enter Arnulfo Osorio Ortiz, a Colombian cafetero who knows quality when he sees and tastes it. Cultivating this elegant Ethiopia arabica at high elevation and utilizing a long dry fermentation before washing, Ortiz coaxes out classic Yirgacheffe aromatics like apricot and florals, while yielding a cup of malic juiciness and dried fruit sweetness. Perfect for pour overs and other by-the-cup preparations, this light-medium roast exhibits a balance of Colombia terroir and Ethiopia genetics that is tough-to-match.

Roast: Light-Medium
Process: Washed - Depulped, dry fermented for 60 hours, washed, and then dried for 25 days in parabolic dryers
Variety: Pink Bourbon (Ethiopia landrace variety)
Elevation: 1800 masl
Location: Tarqui, Huila Department, Colombia
Producer: Arnulfo Osorio Ortiz
Farm: Finca Planada (7.5 hectares)
Grades / Certifications: Microlot / Variety Select
Harvest: June - August 2023

Brew Guides
Espresso: 1:2.2 in 26-28 sec.
Filter: 1:16.5

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