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Colombia José Giraldo - Pink Bourbon - Wholesale

Colombia José Giraldo - Pink Bourbon - Wholesale

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This coffee roasts weekly on Wednesdays! 

If you order this special offering, your *entire order* will be fulfilled and shipped on Wednesday afternoon.

The weekly order cutoff is Tuesday at 12:00 pm EST. Please email with questions!

We Taste - Panela, grape cotton candy, sticky sweet

José Giraldo changed the course of coffee fermentation in less than a decade. To improve the cup quality and longevity of an already incredible triple-washed, double anaerobic Pink Bourbon, José turned his attention to the critical stage of drying. By conditioning on raised beds, while strategically allowing airflow under parabolic dryers, the green seed's exterior was dried slowly and deliberately, allowing the core to catch up. This evenness in interior-to-exterior moisture percentage improves everything about the coffee - from roasting to the aftertaste. A light roast touch allows the beauty of this truly exceptional coffee to shine. We recommend by-the-cup brewing or single-dose espresso prep to get the most out of this rare Pink Bourbon special prep.

Roast: Light
Process: Triple Washed, Double Anaerobic Fermentation
Variety: Pink Bourbon *very rare spontaneous mutation*
Elevation: 1800 masl
Farm Location: Town of Acevedo, Huila Department, Colombia
Farm: El Diamante
Producer: José Giraldo + Cafe 1959
Processing Location: Quindio Department, Colombia
Grades / Certifications: --
Harvest: September 2022

Brew Guides
Espresso: 1:2.4 in 26-28 sec.
Filter: 1:17

* Please note that this coffee retails in 10 oz versus the 12 oz standard.

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