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El Salvador Honey Pacamara - Wholesale

El Salvador Honey Pacamara - Wholesale

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We Taste - Yuzu, cocoa, praline

Carlos Lemus' pursuit of quality leads him to cultivate exceptional, if not risky* varieties like this Pacamara microlot. His farm Peña Rendona resides at 1500-1550 meters, allowing the cool nights of Chalatenango to instill great complexity in his harvest. Lemus' honey process (parchment coffee dried with mucilage left intact) amplifies a fruit-forward sweetness, harmonizing with Pacamara's topical citrus and sugar-browning aromatics to create a round, creamy cup that brews perfectly in all methods.

Roast: Light-Medium
Process: Honey - Picked ripe and de-pulped the same day, then spread out to dry in their mucilage for 20–25 days.
Variety: Pacamara
Elevation:  1500-1550 masl
Location: Chalatenango, El Salvador
Producer: Carlos Mauricio Lemus Landaverde
FarmFinca Peña Redonda "Round Rock Farm", 4 hectares
Grades / Certifications: Microlot
Harvest: Dec. 2022 - March 2023

Brew Guides
Espresso: 1:2.1 in 25-28 sec.
Filter: 1:16.3

* Risky due to Pacamara being one hundred percent Arabica, making it susceptible to coffee leaf rust and other pests.

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