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Rwanda Kinunga Washed - Kirorero COOPAC - Wholesale

Rwanda Kinunga Washed - Kirorero COOPAC - Wholesale

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We Taste - Golden raisin, brown sugar, juicy fruit

Juicy fruit, it's gonna move ya! The farmer-members of Kinunga work together through COOPAC, a cooperative that pays Fair Trade and quality premiums while providing social services and assisting in development of sustainable practices. Organically-grown Red Bourbon is picked ripe and delivered same day to Kirorero Washing Station, where the coffee is washed processed with a fermented twist. After depulping, the pectic-covered coffee seeds are air-dried, then soaked in fresh mountain spring water. This dual fermentation yields both dried and juicy fruit flavors, making this light roast perfect for refreshing brews.

Roast: Light
Process: Washed - Includes a unique soaking step, similar to Kenya. The cherries are delivered to central processing units the day they are harvested, where they will be depulped and fermented in open-air tanks made of concrete or cement for 12–18 hours. After fermentation, the coffees are soaked in water for 24 hours, after which their mucilage will be removed and spread on raised beds to dry.
Variety: Red Bourbón
Elevation: 1450-1900 masl
Location: Boneza Sector, Rutsiro District, Western Province, Rwanda
Producer: Kirorero Coffee Washing Station
Co-Op: COOPAC, 2200 farmer-members
Grades / Certifications: Microlot Fair Trade Organic (FLO)
Harvest: March - June 2023

Brew Guides
Espresso: 1:2.3 in 26-28 sec.
Filter: 1:16.6

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