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Sumatra Pantan Musara Washed

Sumatra Pantan Musara Washed

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We Taste - Dark chocolate, green grape, full 

Coffees in Sumatra are typically wet-hulled due to climate and to expedite time to market. Wet-hulling tends to diminish acidity and create musty flavors, so Asman Gayo Mill does things a little differently for the producers of Pantan Musara. Instead of removing the parchment before the coffee is dried, Asman Gayo depulps, ferments for up to 36 hours, washes, and dries the parchment coffee slowly in parabolic dryers. We can't dispute the results: a sweet, clean, even juicy coffee with a profile reminiscent of Colombia. Medium roasting balances a dark chocolate bittersweet flavor with fresh grape, citrus, and other sparkling fruits, ideal in all brewing methods.

Roast: Medium
Process: Fully Washed
VarietyGayo 1 (Tim Tim aka Timor, an Arabica-Robusta hybrid) + Gayo 2 (maybe BorBor, a cross between Timor and Bourbon)
Elevation: 1,300 - 1,650 masl
Locations: Villages of Pantan Musara, Pegasing District, Takengon, Aceh Province, Sumatra Island of Indonesia
Producers: Asman Gayo Mill / PT Meukat Komuditi Gayo
Farms: Several small producers
Grades / Certifications: Microlot
Harvest: Nov. 2022 - Jan. 2023

Brew Guides
Espresso: 1:2.0 in 28-29 sec.
Filter: 1:16.0

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