We're glad you're here with us! Mandy and I feel very thankful for the opportunity to serve Greensboro, the Triad community, and the wider world of coffee. 

We've worked for years as baristas, educators, green buyers, and more in preparation for this, but are learning so much more every day: the ins and outs of commercial leases, taxes, business structure, plumbing, venting, electrics, website coding, domains, shipping - too much to list. Though it is a lot, we are so happy to push forward, because being with y'all is the light at the end of the tunnel!

Meeting Greensboro's coffee community has us super excited! We've only begun to make our rounds, but the energy we've seen is incredible. Carts are popping up, baked goods are flying around, and the baristas have been so kind. We can't wait to work with and serve y'all coffee!

Until we see you, happy brewing!

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