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Aeropress Brew Guide

Aeropress Brew Guide

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Yield: ~ 6.85 fl oz Brew Ratio: 1:15 - 1:4 Grind Size: Med.-Fine
Ground Dose: 15g Water Dose: 225g
Brew Time: 3 - 3.5 min.


Heat 225g filtered water just off-boil (~205-210℉).

Grind 15g coffee med.-finely (about the size of table salt).

Place an Aeropress paper disc filter in the detachable filter holder. Reattach to Aeropress, then place on a decanter or favorite coffee mug. Set the whole kit on a scale + tare to zero.

Weigh 15g ground dose into the Aeropress, then tare scale to zero.

Start a timer and pour hot water into the center of the grounds. Pour quickly, completely wetting the grounds. Stop when you hit 225g of water poured.

Stir five times, then immediately insert the plunger about 1/4" into the Aeropress. This will stop the dripping (by creating a vacuum).

At 1:30, carefully pull your whole kit off the scale + place on the counter. 

Remove the plunger and stir five more times. 

Reinsert the plunger, then depress slowly + evenly over 30 sec., finishing around 2:00.


Gently swirl to mix, then decant or sip to enjoy!

  • A stronger brew ratio (1:4) works well for making an Aeropress concentrate, which can be used to make mock lattes + more.
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