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Auto-Dripper Brew Guide

Auto-Dripper Brew Guide

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Yield: ~ 29.6 fl oz Brew Ratio: 1:17 - 1:16 Grind Size: Med.-Coarse
Ground Dose: 60g Water Dose: 1000ml
Brew Time: 4 - 6 min.


Add 1000ml (6 cups) fresh, filtered, cool to room temp. (not hot) water to the reservoir. On most auto-drippers, the 4 cup line = 650ml, while the 8 cup line = 1300ml.

Grind 60g coffee medium-coarsely (about the size of kosher salt).

Place one "cupcake-style" paper filter in the dripper basket, then set on a scale and tare.

Weigh 60g ground dose into the paper filter, then gently shake to level.

Center the dripper basket on the carafe, then center the entire stack under the brewer's shower head. Turn the brewer on and come back in 4 - 6 minutes.

When brewing is done, compost paper filter and grounds. Swirl carafe before serving to enjoy a well-mixed brew.
At 4:00 - 6:00, slowly plunge the press pot until the grounds are at the bottom. 

Gently swirl the press pot before you serve to enjoy a well-mixed brew.

Feel free to compost your spent grounds.

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