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Cold Brew Guide

Cold Brew Guide

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Yield: ~ 43 fl oz Brew Ratio: 1:5.7 Grind Size: Med.-Coarse
Ground Dose: 340g Water Dose: 2L
Brew Time: 12 - 16 hours
Dilute 1:1 Concentrate : Water


Insert the stopper. Dampen felt filter and insert it into Toddy.

Place open paper filter into Toddy. Dose 340 g / 12 oz ground coffee.

Pour 2 L / 2,000 g water slowly + evenly over grounds. Stir gently for 15 sec. 

Put lid on + steep for 12 hr. on the counter.

  • If brewing in a Mason jar, weigh your ground coffee dose directly into the jar.

To drain, remove the stopper over a decanter. Label + store for up to 2 weeks.

To serve, dose 4 fl oz Concentrate + 4 fl oz Cool Water + 8 fl oz Ice

  • Concentrates keep better than water-diluted cold, and will taste fresh for 48 hours, before they oxidize too much and taste “off” - time to make more!
  • You can dilute with just ice, cold water/ice, hot water, milk, or even juice!

Feel free to compost your spent grounds.

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