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Colombia Decaf de Caña - Mujeres del Huila - Wholesale

Colombia Decaf de Caña - Mujeres del Huila - Wholesale

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We Taste - Chocolate malt, cherry candy, sugary

We enjoy E.A. decaffeination thanks to how intact it leaves this Huila's sugary, juicy profile. E.A. or ethyl acetate, is a naturally-derived compound (found in fruit) that facilitates a symbiotic relationship between Colombia's sugar cane and coffee processing industries. Sugar cane's sugar alcohol waste is coffee's caffeine-removal solution and avoids the harsh chemicals sometimes used. Grown by women producers from a co-op called CoAgroBrisas and composed of Castillo, Colombia, and Caturra varieties, this sweet, well-balanced medium roast is worth tasting, even if you're not avoiding caffeine.

Roast: Medium
Process: E.A. Decaf + Washed
Variety: Castillo, Colombia, Caturra
Elevation: 1400-2000 masl
Location: Huila, Colombia
Farm: Smallholder Women Farmers
Harvest: June-Aug. 2023
Notes: For more information on Ethyl Acetate, please click here.

Brew Guides
Espresso: 1:2.2 in 27-29 sec.
Filter: 1:16.4

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