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Espresso Brew Guide

Espresso Brew Guide

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Ground Dose: 18 g Brew Ratio: 1:2 Grind Size: Very Fine
Bev. Wt: 36 g Set Point: 200 F Brew Time: 20 - 30 sec.


Establish your 18g dose (ground just coarser than powdered sugar) by overfilling the basket, then leveling off with a straight edge (or by using a scale). Distribute the grounds so that the water runs evenly through the coffee. 

Holding the tamper like a flashlight with elbow bent at a 90º angle. Your tamper will be  just over the portafilter, which is held on the counter with your other hand. Engage the level tamper into the portafilter basket by leaning in with 30 pounds of pressure from your body weight. One flat tamp from a well-fitted tamper will do the job. Gently spin the tamper in the basket before removal to ensure a smooth puck surface.

Clean the spouts and wings before locking the portafilter into the grouphead. Immediately start your shot and timer, then slide your scale and cup underneath. Stop the shot when it hits 36g of beverage weight.

Brew time should range between 20 - 30 seconds.

  • If the timing is off, either coarsen the grind (to achieve shorter times) or fine up (to achieve longer timers). If your hopper is filled with coffee when you make a grind adjustment, you'll have to purge some grounds (2 - 5 shots depending on the grinder) before seeing the new grind. 

Enjoy your double espresso either straight up (we recommend stirring) or as the base of a latte, Americano, or more.

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