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Flash-Chilled Pour Over Brew Guide

Flash-Chilled Pour Over Brew Guide

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Yield: ~ 15.5 fl oz Brew Ratio: 1:9 - 1:8 Grind Size: Medium
Ground Dose: 32g Water Dose: 300g
Brew Time: 3.0 min.
Melting Ice: 200g More Ice in Glass: 3/4 full


Heat 300g filtered water just off-boil (~205-210℉).

Grind 32g coffee medium (about table salt).

Drop a Kalita 185 "cupcake style" paper filter in the brew basket, which sits on a carafe and scale. Tare scale to zero.

Weigh 200g ice into carafe, then tare scale to zero

Weigh 32g ground dose into the paper filter, then tare scale to zero.

Start a timer and pour hot water into the center of the grounds from 2” above. Pour slowly, spiraling outwards. Pour just enough water to completely wet the grounds (~60g water).

At 0:45, resume pouring in a slow circle until your scale reads 120g water.

At 1:30, slowly pour to 180g.

At 2:00, slowly pour to 240g.

At 2:30, pour once around the rim of the Wave's filter, drawing all coffee grounds down into the slurry. Finish with a centered pour, stopping when you reach 300g Poured Water, as close to the 3:00 mark as possible.

The coffee should finish dripping around 3:00 minutes. Feel free to compost your spent filter and grounds.

Swirl the carafe before you serve over ice to enjoy a well-mixed brew.

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