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Kenya Kiambu AA - Wholesale

Kenya Kiambu AA - Wholesale

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We Taste - Pomelo, black currant, caramel

Biodiverse NJ Kinya Estate sits high in the hills of Kiambu County. Supported by high rainfall, cool highland temps, and well-drained red volcanic soil, producer John Kinyanjui and family manage SL-28 and Ruiru-11 varieties from flower to berry into a full-flavored cup. Kinyanjui's fully washed process features a long soak, enhancing a sweet brightness we love to find in Kenyan coffees. Bursting with complex citrus and malic fruits and complemented by gently burnt sugars, this exquisite AA lot brews with incredible sweetness across all formats.

Roast: Light-Medium
Process: Fully Washed - Harvested + processed the same day. Pulped, fermented overnight in an open-air tank, washed, soaked, then placed on raised drying tables. The parchment is dried to 10-10.5% moisture content, then delivered to a dry mill.
Variety: SL28, Ruiru-11 (3K SL-28 trees + 12K Ruiru-11 trees)
Elevation:  1797-1890 masl
Location: Komothai Ward, Githungri Sub-County, Kiambu County, Kenya
Producer: John Kinyanjui + family
Farm: NJ Kinya Estate, 71-hectare
Grades / Certifications: AA
Harvest: January 2023

Brew Guides
Espresso: 1:2.3 in 25-28 sec.
Filter: 1:17 

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