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Personal Online Coffee Class - Any Level

Personal Online Coffee Class - Any Level

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All Levels - 1.0 hr

If you're hoping to get or gift an engaging coffee education, but can't make it to our roastery, you've come to the right place. We have over ten years coffee teaching experience and have spent the past two years engaging coffee aficionados online. 

After signing up, please e-mail to let us know your preferred date, time, + subject. We'll confirm ASAP with a recommended materials list + Zoom link. 

We are happy to teach to any coffee subject and encourage participation no matter your skill level or equipment. Find a list of potential class ideas below:

- Dialing-in Espresso

- Steaming Milk + Pouring Latte Art

- Brewing Pour Overs and/or Auto-Dripper Coffee

- Creative Ways to Make Coffee at Home

- Differences between Iced Coffee + Cold Brew

- Ethics of Coffee Buying

- Coffee's Seed-to-Cup Journey

- The World of Tea

- The World of Chocolate

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