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Perú Maria Nieves - Wholesale

Perú Maria Nieves - Wholesale

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We Taste - Brown sugar, candied walnut, cherry

Maria Nieves just produced one of the sweetest coffees we have ever tasted. The president of Asprocafe Alpes Andinos Cooperative (115 farms) in northern Perú, Maria's commitment to her community while cultivating and processing sweet, clean coffees is impressive. At her high-elevation farm, El Limón, she fully washes a classic varietal blend to crisp, clean, sweet perfection. Light-medium roasting crafts an elegant balance that plays perfectly on all brewing methods.

Roast: Light-Medium
Process: Fully Washed
Variety: Caturra + Pache
Elevation: 1850 masl
Location: Barro Negro Town, La Coipa District, Cajamarca Department, Perú
Producer: Maria Nieves Tantalean Fernandez, Pres. Asprocafe Alpes Andinos Coop.
Farm: El Limón
Grades / Certifications: --
Harvest: Summer 2023

Brew Guides
Espresso: 1:2.2 in 26-28 sec.
Filter: 1:16.6

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