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Press Pot Brew Guide

Press Pot Brew Guide

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Yield: ~ 16.8 fl oz Brew Ratio: 1:16 - 1:15 Grind Size: Coarse
Ground Dose: 35g Water Dose: 550g
Brew Time: 4 - 6 min.


Heat 550g filtered water just off-boil (~205-210℉).

Grind 35g coffee coarsely (about the size of kosher salt).

Place press pot on scale and tare to zero.

Weigh 35g ground dose into the press pot, then tare scale to zero.

Start a timer and pour hot water into the center of the grounds. Pour quickly, making sure all grounds are covered.

Remove press pot from scale and place on counter.

Stir three times to mix, then set the plunger on top of press pot, but don't push down yet.


At 4:00 - 6:00, slowly plunge the press pot until the grounds are at the bottom. 

Gently swirl the press pot before you serve to enjoy a well-mixed brew.

Feel free to compost your spent grounds.

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