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Song Tea Loose Leaf Kraft Canister

Song Tea Loose Leaf Kraft Canister

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60 grams of extraordinary loose leaf teas and botanicals from Song Tea, packaged in beautiful kraft canisters.

* A serving in this case would yield ~ 12 fl oz from 350 ml water.

SNOW JASMINE Sichuan 2023 / EU standard
20 servings at 3g / dose

A Sichuan green tea whose name means ‘sweet dew’ scented with delicate summer jasmine from Guangxi. Layers of scenting that creates a deep jasmine fragrance. Sweet and viscous with a bright and refreshing character. Notes of sweet nectar and lily.

SONG RED Fujian 2023 / Organic
12 servings at 5g / dose

Song Red is their own creation, a product of five different cultivars grown on an organic tea farm in Songxi, near Fujian’s Wuyishan. The combination is bright, aromatic, floral and sweet. Notes of honeydew, maple syrup, and orange.

MARSHMALLOW Blended in San Francisco, 2023 / Organic
10 servings at 6g / dose

Creamy, with citrus notes. Song created Marshmallow to replicate the bright, creaminess of white tea. A blend of Bulgarian marshmallow root for texture, domestic orange peel, and German chamomile. Blend components are fully organic.

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