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Urnex Rinza Milk Frother Cleaner

Urnex Rinza Milk Frother Cleaner

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Rinza Milk Frother Cleaner is specifically designed for use on the milk systems of coffee and espresso equipment. An integral component in the daily cleaning regimen, Rinza easily removes milk residue that can build up on steam wands, valves, and tubes. Suitable for use on automatic milk frothers, manual steam wands, traditional and super-automatic espresso machines, Rinza provides users with a versatile and effective solution for their cleaning needs.

Rinza Features

  • Breaks down milk protein and fat buildup on auto frothers, steam wands, and frothing pitchers.
  • Comes in a dual-chamber 1-liter bottle that contains a built-in measuring device.
  • You can also flush the liquid through your drain line on your Pitcher Rinser and other sinks to help keep the lines clear and free-flowing.
  • Alkaline Formula.

Instructions for Frothers 

  1. Mix solution of 30 ml Rinza per 500 ml water.
  2. Insert suction tube into solution.
  3. Run entire solution through frother.
  4. Repeat above with clean cold water to thoroughly rinse all components.

Instructions for Steam Wands and Milk Pitchers

  1. Soak pitcher or steam wand for 15-30 minutes in 30 ml Rinza per 500 ml warm water.
  2. Rinse all components with clean water.
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